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Today Batman cooks a gross nasty pizza. Here at DCTC SUPERHERO KIDS VIDS we make videos for children of all ages. We have the most fun SUPERHEROES IN REAL LIFE videos with SPIDERMAN, BATMAN, and COOKIE MONSTER and all their friends. Do you love STOP MOTION ANIMATION? We do! We have fun STOP MOTION ANIMATIONS with all your favorite SUPERHEROES and DISNEY characters. We also love to transform PEPPA PIG into all kinds of fun characters. We have tons of fun making PLAY DOH food and other awesome PLAY DOUGH creations too. If you enjoy what you see, please click the “LIKE” button and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. Who is your favorite SUPERHERO? Do you like BATMAN or SPIDERMAN? Maybe your favorite is SUPERMAN or WONDER WOMAN or HULK or IRON MAN. Do you like SUPERHEROES from Marvel Comics or DC Comics better? Who is best, AVENGERS or JUSTICE LEAGUE. Maybe you like villains better. Do you like VENOM or JOKER or DEADPOOL? Peppa Pig is a very popular British cartoon. Even though Peppa is British, she is popular all over the world. Children in Spain and Mexico know her as Peppa Cerdo. Kids in The Netherlands are wild about Peppa Varken. Children in Italy call her Peppa Maiale. When her family travels to Germany, the kids in Germany go crazy for Peppa Schwein. All the boys and girls in France call her Peppa Cochon. Peppa is popular in the Ukraine too, they call her Peppa Svynya. Russian children like Peppa too, but they refer to her as Peppa Svin'ya. When Peppa and her family travel to China, all of the children want to meet Peppa Zhū. Kids in Japan adore Peppa Buta. Girls and boys in Indonesia cherish Peppa Babi. Do you enjoy making things with Play Doh or other types of modeling clay? Maybe you've tried building with plastiline or plasticina? How about plasticine or plastilina? Have you ever had fun playing with Softee Dough or Moon Dough? Kids like to play with Play Dough all around the world. There are lots of ways to say Playdoh. If you speak Spanish, you may know it as “plastilina.” If you lived in Poland, you might call it "Ciastolina." If you speak Portuguese, you might call it "Massinha." If you speak Korean, you might know it as "플레이 도우." If you live in Germany, you may call it "Knetmasse." If you speak Persian, you would call it “خمیر بازی.” In France, it’s pronounced "pâte à modeler." Music by Kevin MacLeod and YouTube